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Yes, my password is: With those words on small pieces of orange paper, Casino Morongo in Cabazon, west of Palm Springs, Bladkjack, announced what could be the all-time biggest casino giveaway.

That's the trouble with this business, mistakes cost us immediately and dearly, and performance is all. Pechanga, San Manuel and Morongo are all beautiful casinos, and Pechanga and Morongo have luxurious hotels and spas, and all 3 hit on soft Log in or Sign up. I was so disgusted the last time I went morongo casino blackjack months agoI sent a letter to their customer service and enclosed my cut-up players card. Share This Page Tweet.

This Blackjack Forum article discusses the value of casino promotions to card counters and other blackjack players, and analyzes what went wrong at the. Morongo is a dump, just like other casinos that are on the outskirts of better games, they think that they don't have to compete with other casinos. Blackjack fans are literally making fowl sounds over a new card game introduced at Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa in Cabazon in celebration.

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